We’re looking for a few good neighbors

Become a local fire or emergency medical service volunteer and join our extraordinary community of heroes.


The two are inseparable: volunteers train to be safe, and they are safe because they train. There is no denying that fighting fires or responding to an emergency involves an element of risk, but no volunteer is ever allowed to participate without the knowledge and skills it takes to ensure their safety.

While volunteers receive no compensation, they are no less professional than their paid counterparts. They wear and use the same equipment, receive comparable training, and prepare to respond to any situation.

Volunteer as a firefighter and you will attend the Suffolk County Fire Academy in Yaphank. In addition to learning how to handle the equipment, you will learn how buildings are constructed, how fires spread, and how to handle hazardous materials. You will be taught how to assess and respond to critical situations, and the best ways to protect yourself and those who serve around you.

To learn more about national programs to enhance firefighter safety you should visit the website for the Everyone Goes Home® initiative at www.everyonegoeshome.com.

The following videos will introduce you to the Suffolk County Fire Academy and let you watch actual, in-progress training sessions.

Flashover Simulator

Tanker Fire Drill

Heavy Rescue - Vehicle
Extracation Drill

EMS Training

You will find other valuable safety and training resources at the following links:
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